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Financial Resources may be the Lifeblood of a Company, but Human Resources are the Brains

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We provide top HR services in Delhi and Gurgaon. A range of HR support services, including employee onboarding, benefits administration, and compliance support. Our team of experts can help you navigate complex HR issues and ensure that your business complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

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HR Recruitment
HR Recruitment

We provide exclusive Executive search practices primarily focused on providing the right employees that help the company grow and accomplish its business goals. Executive search ensures an eminence outcome by approaching the right candidates through a rigorous recruitment process.
We understand clients’ strategic needs, their leadership roles, and the competencies to meet those goals. We constantly keep track of key trends in the global market for talent, and keep on innovating our services and approach towards the betterment of our processes.
Our HR team helps us in connecting to the right talent to ensure positive and affirmative outcomes. Our concentrated modus operation towards human resource solutions encourages a proficient recruiting process and extemporizes talent quality delivery.

We offer the Best HR audit in Delhi and Gurgaon. Often recommend to clients conduct HR Audits as a preliminary step in HR Outsourcing Process. An HR audit is important that employees are being paid fairly and provides insights into both areas and helps in addressing inequities or inconsistencies. We get into an intense process of examining the policies, Drafting, documents, systems, and practices with respect to an organization’s HR function by which we reveal the strengths and weaknesses in the human resources system, which require our solutions.
HR audits are a proactive way to minimize the costs associated with such compliance issues as legal issues and conflicts are extremely cost-effective.
Our team engages in continual scrutiny and continuous enhancement of the organization’s policies, procedures, and practices so that the organization never concludes to keep upgrading ahead. We ensure that the company achieves and retains its competitive advantage. Another way to do this is to continuously monitor HR systems so that they are up-to-date and have follow-up mechanisms built into every one of them.

HR Audit
Top HR services in Gurgaon
HR Advisory Services
HR Advisory Services

The present layout for any business is full of challenges due to forever-changing economies. It demands efficient HR services gearing up to support and create dynamic business modules. We at Brooks Payroll Services believe in people & their instinctive drive to excel. We believe organizations have a gene that can be contrived for productivity, and reorganization development. We validate improvements across existing HR processes in an organization. We also provide Top HR services in Gurgaon and ease the implementation of the most effective and methodical HR processes and Best Practices. One of the most productive things the HR manager can do is to create a strong culture that helps employees to be themselves at work. 

POSH Act 2013

In India, this is a legal action against women’s sexual harassment in the workplace, the Prevention, prohibition, and redressal act of 2013.

We are a team of Elite PoSH Trainers dedicatedly involved in guiding companies and spreading awareness. As this is mandatory for all companies with a minimum of 10 employees or more. The Purpose of this law is to protect women from any kind of sexual harassment in the workplace and give them a secure environment.

The posh training program includes

  1. PoSH policy of the company
  2. Formation of Internal Complaint Committee
  3. PoSH Training and Workshops
  4. ICC Member Training
  5. Annual Report Submission

Posh training in India. Our Training program is designed in such a way that we educate all employees about the do’s and don’ts of the Posh Act. The aim of our Posh Training program is to create a workplace culture that promotes respect, inclusion, and equality of all employees creating a positive and productive workplace environment.
Non-Compliance with the act or any breach in ICC formation can lead to either a financial penalty of Rs.50, 000 that may go up to 25 lakhs or cancellations of business license and non-renewal of the same.
We as a team can work together and get Compliant with PoSH Act 2013.